Online Talk (DE)

Publication: Alltag und Vergessen – Argentinien 1976/2003
nGbK, Berlin 2003

When: Wednesday, 05th May 2021, 19:00h – 20:30h
Where: Online. Livestreamed at the nGbK website

»Archive in Archive: An Encounter between the museo de la democracia and nGbK Archive« with Eva-Christina Meier, moderated by Valeria Fahrenkrog

In 2003, the exhibition »Alltag und Vergessen – Argentinien 1976/2003« was presented at the nGbK. It addressed the questions of continuity and discontinuity in historical processes, examining an artistic production that was committed to social events but did not allow itself to be ideologically appropriated by them, in the context of an Argentina plunged into a profound crisis almost 20 years after the last dictatorship.

This project was the last in the institution to date to deal with Latin American cultural production, symptomatic for our team of the invisibility of the Latin American continent in Europe. Now, in the midst of another new wave of social unrest and repression that plagues the continent, the Museum of Democracy invites the artist Eva Christina Meier to take stock of the context and the situation before and now, 18 years after the proposal. The talk, moderated by Valeria Fahrenkrog, will be based on the nGbK archive and the book »Chile Internacional«, which was produced in connection with this now historic exhibition.

Eva-Christina Meier — Lives in Berlin

Eva Christine Meier – Studied at the Berlin-Weissensee School of Art.
Diploma, master student. Regular work stays in Latin America.
Photographer, author and curator.
Publication of texts and interviews on art, film and literature in taz, nzz, kunstbulletin, goethe.de, among others.
Editor of Chile International – Kunst, Existenz, Multitude, Berlin 2005 and Argentina nach der Krise, Wespennest Nr. 151, Vienna 2008 (together with Andreas Fanizadeh).