3. Office of Dreams

Opening 28th May – 13th June 2021

Here, the Department of Public Activities of the museo de la democracia is concentrated. In collaboration with artists, specialists and actors from different socio-cultural groups, a program will connect with initiatives and cultural micro-phenomena active in Latin America. The works in this chapter correspond with a self-reflexive educational program, that emphasises the community museum model, which is highly present in the region. These ›Museos Comunitarios‹ are founded on the desire to recreate, give meaning to and systematise the collective memory of local communities as a tool to strengthen their own identities, resisting historical processes of silencing and repression.

In this spirit, the museum presents works from and collaborations with artistic projects that relate to Latin American community museums. The work of Maria Thereza Alves »Son del pueblo« relates to the archaeological collection of the Museo Comunitario del Valle de Xico on the outskirts of Mexico City. Marcela Moraga collaborates with a collective of young activists to found the Museo del Agua [Museum of Water] in Renaico, southern Chile, while artist Julia Mensch cooperates with the Museo del Hambre [Museum of Hunger].

One of the main resources of the museum is the audio archive »Archivo sonoro militante – Las protestas de las calles de América Latina« produced by artist Manuela García Aldana in collaboration with the ›Oficina de Sueños‹ of the museo de la democracia. This program investigates the sound dimension of uprisings and protests, compiling anonymous donations of audio material.