Cheril Linett

Yeguada Latinoamericana, 2020

Cheril Linett, 2020

Impresión digital en PVC / Digital Print on PVC / Digitaldruck auf PVC

200 cm × 300 cm

YEGUADA LATINOAMERICANA is a performance project created and directed by artist Cheril Linett, who invites women and sexual dissidents to take action. They arrange their bodies in streets, institutional locations and national holidays to ironize and challenge classist, patriarchal, colonial and speciesist regimes. Developed by a stable performance and direct action group, the project exploits two aesthetic strands: trans-species and funereal. Both take place in the public space and exploit the procedures of the forces of law and order in order to compose in present time images and situations activated by the Yeguada (the Cavalry).

Cheril Linett. Santiago de Chile, 1988

Performance artist and theatre scholar. Author of the performance project Yeguada Latinoamericana. She has a degree in theatre and the specialisation in performance art from the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano in Santiago de Chile. She began her artistic career in 2015 by participating in meetings, festivals and, above all, independent performances in public spaces. To date, she has realised and staged numerous works, which are grouped in performance series such as Coreografía de succión, Poética de las Aguas, Vertiente Fúnebre and Casa. She is currently a scholarship holder of the stage direction programme FITAM – Goethe-Institut Chile in Santiago de Chile.