Andressa Cantergiani

Combat, 2018

Performance documentation

6 Photographs

30 cm × 40 cm

Wearing a white jumpsuit, the artist spent eight days at the Southern Command Military Museum (MCCC), Porto Alegre, Brazil, using her body to confront tanks, combat cars and cannons from the collection of the armed forces, establishing disruptive connections to these symbols of masculinity. Inspired by the intersectional feminist concept of sorority, a counterpoint experiment was proposed with the collaboration of eight women who brought daily survival kits for the artist. Each day a poetical-political collection was formed, with basic provisions such as warm clothing and food. The number eight is related to global feminist movements such as 8M, Women’s March, me too, Niunamenos, 8A, #ELENÃO [BUT NOT HIM], among other movements of political struggle for socially subalternised minorities.

Andressa Cantergiani. Caxias do Sul, Brazil, 1980

Visual artist and performer, mother and activist. Lives between Berlin, DE and Porto Alegre, BR. PhD student in Visual Arts at PPGAV-UFRGS and research fellowship at University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Hoschulle Hannover – Germany. MA in Communication and Semiotics at PUC/SP. Graduate in Performing Arts at DAD/UFRGS. Artist represented by Mamute Gallery, Porto Alegre-Brazil. Director of the BRONZE Residence and the Peninsula Gallery in Porto Alegre. She has carried out residencies, projects and exhibitions in various spaces around the world such as Fundação Iberê Camargo, Brazil, Museum of Contemporary Art, MAC, Porto Alegre; Museum of Contemporary Art Bispo do Rosário, Rio de Janeiro, BR; Terra Una Residency, Minas Gerais, BR; Insurgencias, Berlin/DE, Despina/RJ. Her works are in private and public collections such as the Museum of Art of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.