Victor De La Rocque

Social Shirt Project for people with difficulty identifying left from right side

12 Embroidered shirts
Video, 1:00

This project is a set of video works, objects, performance and garments, which arise from the artist’s inability to deal with his sense of Left-Right laterality. The discussion is mixed with the political sphere as a reading of the current ideological polarisation in Brazil and the world. The video, filmed with a drone, shows the artist performing as an automaton and confused traffic warden at an intersection in São Paulo, indicating random directions to cars. His work questions the conduct of the body and the subject, ideological manipulations, pointing to nihilistic and cynical horizons in politics and life.

Victor De La Rocque. Belém do Pará, Brazil, 1984

Victor de La Rocque (1985, Belém-PA, Brazil) is a multiple artist, he studied music at Carlos Gomes Conservatory, performing arts at the Federal University of Pará, undergraduate and graduate in visual arts at the University of Amazônia and mastering in visual arts at UNESP. He has been participating in exhibitions, festivals and artistic residencies in Brazil and abroad. Artistic Residency at FAAP (São Paulo), Grand Prize of Arte Pará 2008, exhibition Chaos and Effect, Against Wild Thought (Itaú Cultural), Performance Arte Brasil (MAM-RJ), Amazonian Video Art (CCA Glasgow), Pororoca: a Amazônia no MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro), Amazônia – Ciclos da modernidade (CCBB-RJ), Amazônia: Lugar da Experiência, had his first solo exhibition at Paço das Artes/MIS (São Paulo), The Performance Arcade (The Papa Museum-New Zealand). His works are in the collections of the Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro, MACRS (Porto Alegre-RS), Defibrillator Gallery (Chicago-USA), Museu da Universidade Federal do Pará (Amazoniana Collection), Casa das Onze Janelas (Belém-PA) and Fundação Rômulo Maiorana (Belém-PA). He lives and works between São Paulo-SP and Belém-PA.