Valeria Fahrenkrog & Mitkunstzentrale, Berlin


Site-specific Installation at nGbK
Realized with recycled wood

The kiosk, an installation object made with recycled material, is a central point in the museo de la democracia; A mutant dispositive where there are works that address the parameters of meaning framing the founding narratives and the constitution of cultural, political and social life in the Latin American republics.
The kiosk offers objects for immediate consumption: postcards, videos, books and publications that change and overlap throughout the exhibition’s duration.  Kiosks are central nodes in the urban grid, and act as a point of reference in the experience of life in the city. Here, the kiosk becomes a point of dislocation in the social and territorial order, a place for reinterpreting and activating public and private life.

Valeria Fahrenkrog / Asunción, Paraguay, 1980

Valeria Fahrenkrog (Asunción, PA, 1980), visual artist and publicist. Studied fine arts at the Univ. Católica de Chile, media art at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Master’s degree Art in Context at the UdK Berlin. Various exhibitions and projects since 2004. In 2016, together with Joerg Franzbecker, Erik Göngrich, Heimo Lattner, Katja Reichart, Ines Schaber and Florian Wüst, she founded the Berlin booklets on the history and present of the city. Project participations in the nGbK: “Ene Mene Muh und welche Stadt du?” (2016), “40 Jahre Kunst im Kontext” and “Spielclub Oranienstraße 25” (2019). She lives and works in Berlin.


Mitkunstzentrale / Berlin, Germany

The MITKUNSTZENTRALE is a place of encounter, exchange, collectively developed knowledge production, concept sharpening and collaboration on climate-sensitive artistic objects and ways of working. Exemplary uses are to be developed in a collectively developed space, which, together with a wood workshop, textile showroom, open-air baking oven, discourse and exhibition spaces of various initiatives, are now located in the Haus der Statistik and are to remain on site for the future!

A project by Erik Göngrich and Valeria Fahrenkrog