Online mask workshop (EN)

«Environmental Disasters in Brazil» with Kiyoshi Yamamoto

When: Tuesday 25th May, 18:00h – 18:45h
Where: Online / Zoom

Image: RAM Gallery/ Preben Holst.

The workshop will consist of a performative lecture about environmental disasters in Brazil. Prior to the mask workshop, participants can download a “disaster kit” containing a mask base model and seven stickers representing the major environmental disasters of the last 50 years.

The public will construct their narrative and make sense of the mask making and the play of the festive metaphor or cliché as Carnival in symbolic action. The workshop will end with a large group photo.

The workshop aims to create a visual dialogue to open awareness about those constant disasters that humans cause us.

List of disasters:

  1. Césio-137 Goiânia

2. The environmental accident of Guanabara Bay

3. Mariana Dam disaster

4. Brumadinho dam breach

5. Oil spill in the river IGUASSU, Paraná

Disaster-kit for the workshop:

Kiyoshi Yamamoto – Rio de Janeiro, 1982

Kiyoshi Yamamoto lives and works in Bergen. He is a graduate of the Bergen Academy of the Arts (2007 – 2012), Central Saint Martin, London, and Escola de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro. He works with color and uses textiles as medium and metaphor for his creation. His works often enter into a dialogue with social criticism and material experimentation.