Online Workshop with Sara Buraya Boned (en)

«Upcoming Museums. Projecting situated institutionalities»

When: Wednesday 09th June, 19h – 21h
Where: Online / Zoom

Museo situado. Picnic del barrio, Museo Reina Sofía, 2018. Image: Ela Rabasco (Ela R que R)


For decades of revolt, the museum device has been trying to get rid of the heavy burden it carried as an enlightened invention: linked to power, to the colonial project, to the normalisation of the world and the beings that inhabit it, to the hegemony of naming and therefore deciding the existence of things.

Is to museologise something to kill it? To eliminate the life it contains? To transform it into the past? What if we turn that idea around, and think about the museum as something that happens, that unfolds and that is performative, and that cannot be retained? A museum that is made, performed, moves and happens in multiple places, beyond its geographical limits. Not as a place to contain democracy, but as a tool for developing other modes of social, political, affective organisation…as a relational device that generates situations.

The museum of the future acquires or earns its legitimacy by making sense for a community, in a continuous and sustained way, although flexible and mutable. A model not designed for a flow of intermittent tourists who are not linked to that territory or to that collection. Tourists who are consumers of experiences.

Based on concrete experiences that will be shared, this workshop proposes to build, through collective exercises of imagination and discussion, a space for thinking about the museum to come as a relational, affective, propositional, energetic, fluid, sonorous, moving device.

Amuseum-assembly, aself-managed museum, a museum of the commons, that transcends patrimonial and geopolitical logics. An institutionality in the making, a situated museum.

Contents of the workshop:

The museum: What is it? What is it for? What are its limits? How is it defined? What does it propose? How does it change? How is it maintained? Is there a fear of a change of paradigm?

Situated knowledge: What is it? Who has the legitimacy of knowledge? Who describes? Who writes? What about the knowledge of museums? Who is it for? Who is it about?

The performative: How are museums governed? How are they carried out? What are their systems of control? And their modes of exclusion? Their hierarchies?

The future: how to think a museum of the commons?

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Sara Buraya Boned – Madrid, 1986

Sara Buraya Boned works in the Department of Public Activities of the Museo Reina Sofía and since 2013 has been accompanying in different ways cultural programs, public activities and networks collaboration from the institution. She is part of the Museo en Red area, where her research and her institutional work are crossed by the commitment to feminism, politics of care, the new institutionality, urban commons, the archive and memory of social movements. She is also the coordinator of the European museums confederation L’Internationale, a member of its Editorial Board who publishes L’Internationale Online, and a member of the Institute of Radical Imagination.