Online talk with Marcela Moraga, Maria Thereza Alves and Julia Mensch (en)

«The Long Day of the Communal Museums»

When: Wednesday 09th June, 19h – 21h
Where: Online / Zoom

Marcela Moraga, wall painting Salvemos el rio Renaico (2021). Photo: Benjamin Renter

The Office of Dreams of the museum connects with initiatives and cultural micro-phenomena active in Latin America, emphasizing the community museum model: a phenomenon that crosses the Latin American continent with the aim of recreating, strengthening, giving meaning and systematizing the collective memory of communities as a tool to sustain and create their own life project in the future, combating the impotence and oblivion of colonial power and resisting processes of globalization.

In this talk moderated by Teobaldo Lagos Preller (Team museo de la democracia), we will approach reflective work on the territory and its cultural heritage with three examples of community museums present in the exhibition: Museo Comunitario del Agua, Renaico (Chile), Museo Comunitario de Xico (Mexico), Museo del Hambre (Argentina). From these participatory constructions artists Marcela Moraga, Maria Thereza Alves and Julia Mensch will exchange experiences based on the participation and perspectives of the communities and their territories as places of encounter, conversation, activation and circulation of the contents created.

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Marcela Moraga & Museo Comunitario del Agua, Renaico (Chile)


Thereza Alves & Museo Comunitario de Xico (Mexico)


Julia Mensch & Museo del Hambre (Argentina)