Michael Wesely


Vale do Anhangabaú (17.04 – 18.12 Uhr, 17.4.2016)
Digital print on paper
Avenida Paulista (19.37 – 19.57 Uhr, 17.4.2016)
Digital print on paper
84 cm x 119 cm

Michael Wesely experiments with overexposure in long-term analogue photographic processes and captures images that accumulate movements and processes of the city. The photographs in the Museum of Democracy were taken in São Paulo, Brazil, on 17 April 2016, when the Chamber of Deputies voted to open impeachment proceedings against former president Dilma Rousseff, elected in 2014. Wesely photographed street rallies in Vale do Anhangabaú, where an anti-impeachment protest took place, and on Paulista Avenue, where a pro-impeachment rally was held. The images capture the democratic schism that still plagues Brazil, and a historic moment that will take time to assimilate.

Michael Wesely / Munich, Germany, 1963

Michael Wesely (born 1963 in Munich) is a German art photographer who is best known for his photos of cities, buildings, landscapes, and still lives of flowers taken with a special ultra-long exposure technique. Wesely has received several awards and honors for his work, including a 1995 scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD to produce photographs in the Netherlands, and a scholarship by the Free State of Bavaria for work in the US in 1999. In 2004, he was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York to produce a large-scale project titled the Open Shutter Project. He has participated in many international biennials and have had several solo shows worldwide. Born in Munich, Germany in 1963, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.